System4 Sideboard with Hatch, 115 x 80 x 40 cm, Black

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System4 Sideboard with Hatch, 115 x 80 x 40 cm, Black

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Product Details

SYSTEM4 Sideboard with Hatch, Black

  • Overal size W115.4 x H80.6 x D40.4 cm
  • Weight 41.98 kg
  • Black / Chrome

Detail Configuration:

3 pair150037.2101 Lateral connection a 37.5cm chrome
3 pc.150037.3201 Lateral connection m 37.5cm chrome
3 pair150075.5001 Horizontal connection 75cm chrome
3 pair150037.5001 Horizontal connection 37.5cm chrome
6 pair153700.5101 Vertical connection 37.5cm chrome
3 pair150300.5101 Border cap and feet chrome
9 pc.203737.1010 Panel 37.5 x 37.5cm black
5 pc.203775.1110 Panel 75 x 37.5cm black
2 pc.233737.9210 Assembly panel 37.5 x 37.5cm for hatches black
2 pc.203737.1310 Exterior panel 37.5 x 37.5cm for assembly pane black
1 pc.223775.2310 Hatch 75 x 37.5cm black

More Options:

900094.0001 System4 Handle without lock, Chrome
900092.0001 System4 Handle with lock and Standard Keys, Chrome
190021.0001 System4 Furniture Caster for carpet 6.8cm , Set of 2, Black/Chrome
190023.0001 System4 Furniture Caster for hard underground, Set of 2, Black/Chrome  

Our Office Furniture specialists have not only built reception desks, room dividers, highboards and lowboards from the shelving system, but even a children's playing tower and seating. Use our system4 shelving system as easily as a construction kit and realise your very own customised solution.

The system4 Furniture Program is comprised of four key elements – connectors, tubes, panels and accessories – which come together with ease. The combination of these components, and the limitless configurations for which they allow, ensures that system4 not only works in any space, but that with simple re-assembly, your existing components can create entirely new configurations. We’ve re-imagined furniture so you can rethink your space. 

It’s furniture that is flexible enough to keep up with changes in taste or changes in space. Reinforced structures and classic design mean system4 provides you with durability and longevity. Again and again. 

System4 is a modular furniture system which maximizes and divides office space while creating an eye-catching reception area. For additional reception planning ideas visit the Office One Showroom or download/ask for our brochure or simply write us an e-mail.


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System4 Sideboard with Hatch, 115 x 80 x 40 cm, Black

System4 Sideboard with Hatch, 115 x 80 x 40 cm, Black

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