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System4 Office Furnitures Concept

An avant-garde Office Furniture Concept.

System 4 Office Furniture

Sideboards, Room Dividers, Desks or Shelves - Creativity with one System.

Office Furniture with a system - the combination of timeless design and highest functionality. System4 is our flexible office furniture system made from high quality steel that will enhance your home, your office, or your business. Its modular design offers endless possibilities to perfectly match your needs and desires. As part of the established Swiss company Streng Plastic AG, we guarantee highest quality, reliability, and sustainability.

Our proven know-how allows us to consistently ensure perfect machining and processing, and we only use materials that meet the highest quality standards. Nonetheless, System4 also offers surprisingly attractive pricing. Short delivery times and easy self-assembly with tools provided by us are additional advantages of System4.

We are excited for you to discover our timeless, attractive office furniture system that is a perfect match for today’s living and working environments.

Systematic living: Easy to set up.

Home is where we live! Do you like it comfortable? Or do you enjoy more of an avant-garde feel? The functional furnishing of System4 makes it easy for you to set up your home in a way that matches your personality and your ideas. Whether you prefer classic tones for your living room and home office or look forward to a colorful kids’ room, System4 offers endless possibilities and combinations.

But we promise Systematic living: Easy to set up: Regardless of how you would like to design your living environment, including with our individually mountable wall shelves: System4 matches every furnishing style. And you can change it up, switch it up or add to it whenever and in whatever way you want – for instance if you are welcoming a new family member. System4 always reflects your way of life. 

Home Office and Living

A systematic approach: The manifold advantages of System4.


For your home, for your office, for your business:

Now there is one furnishing system that will meet all your needs – System4. System4 is not only attractive, it also offers highest functionality. Create your Room divider, Sideboard, Desk or Shelve with high and semi-high drawers that create extra storage space and are also available with locks. Tilt doors ensure a unified look; CD holders organize your music collection. Glass panels keep things in perspective. Back or side panels made from sheet metal or perforated metal plates give your office furniture more stability. And rolls provide mobility. You would like your pieces higher, wider or deeper? No problem: System4 is completely modular. Just start designing or redesigning your home, office, or business space, anytime you wish!

Transform your home into a home office.

Why always work at the company’s offices if some tasks can easily be taken care of from home? Whatever your reasons may be for working from home, System4 allows you to create a home office even in the smallest apartment. Our innovative office furniture system cleverly uses the existing space and offers individual solutions that meet your needs, for instance with our different desk concepts. Are you dreaming of a more relaxed workspace? Create your personal workstation with System4 – we have the right prerequisites and the best components.

Home Office


Systematic surroundings: Makes working a breeze.

Do you work in an individual or in an open plan office? System4 offers highest flexibility and can provide an eye-catching piece of furniture in your personal office or serve as perfect divider with additional functions in a larger office landscape. The innovative office furniture pieces and office desks are perfectly suited for all modern office needs and are able to grow with your company. Thanks to the sophisticated design of our furniture system, expensive adjustments or modifications are a thing of the past.



System 4 - Executive Office



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