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Sigel Weekly Planner CONCEPTUM A5, undated, hardcover, Black

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The professional way to manage your goals on paper - whether career or private. Writing down tasks and goals takes the pressure off by focusing the mind on them, making them easier to tackle. What is more, this success planner allows the user to choose their own starting and finishing dates.

The sturdy hardcover jacket in black guarantees a firm writing surface. The SIGEL success planner is far more than just the perfect appointment book. Use it to manage both professional and private goals, and to reflect on your personal needs. The planner contains a calendar without fixed dates, allowing you start whenever you like. At the same time, the grooved Softwave surface means the cover is pleasant to the touch, turning the planner into an elegant companion. You will be impressed by the useful information section and practical features. Of the best quality and design ­ this success planner is bound to inspire you.

  • Undated Weekly Planner Conceptum 
  • Calendar: 53 weeks, 2 pages = 1 week
  • approx. A5 (148 x 213mm)
  • 192 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Classy Softwave surface
  • Stitched Binding
  • Elastic fastener
  • 80gsm
  • 100% PEFC
  • Black
  • Sigel CO701
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