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Sigel Glass Board Markers, 2-3 mm round nib, 4/set, Blue/Red/Green/Black

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The four coloured glassboard markers come with a 2-3 mm round tip and are perfect for writing on white magnetic glass boards. The markers are also suitable for whiteboards and flipcharts. The non-permanent ink provides good coverage and is easy to wipe off with a dry or damp cloth. The soft nib and ergonomic shape of the pens make them pleasant to write with.

  • The SIGEL pens come in strong, bright colours and are ideal for writing on smooth surfaces in the office, home office and home.
  • The easy-to-erase board markers (black, blue, red, green, odourless ink free of toluene and xylene, set of 4) with round nib (fine, 2-3 mm) write quickly and easily with a wide range of applications for white glass magnet boards, whiteboards and flipcharts.
  • no need to pump the nib before use, cap-off ink: lid can be left off for up to 3 days without the pen drying out
  • vivid colours, luminous and with high opacity, ink does not bleed through flipchart paper
  • Made in Germany, casing made of 95% recycled plastic
  • Sustainable due to the environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Sigel  BA010

Ideal for taking quick notes during presentations and training sessions.


Sigel presented by Office One LLC