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Sigel Event Wristbands Super Soft, adhesive seal, printable, Neon Yellow


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The Sigel "Super Soft" Event Wristbands are ideal for discrete admission controls at events of all kinds, such as concerts, company celebrations, private functions and much more besides. The bands are worn on the wrist where they are clearly visible - no more time-consuming entry checks! The tamper-proof adhesive fastener and tear-proof material prevent the wristband from being passed on to unauthorised persons. The extremely soft material is pleasant to wear, water-proof and hypoallergenic. What could be better? The small pack includes transparent labels to print your logo, name, date, advertisement or similar onto the wristbands. This allows you to design and customize your event wristbands as required, quickly and simply, and to print them out. You will find compatible templates online at Simply add text and graphics - Print out - That's all!

  • perfect for admission control
  • made of extremely soft-tear proof material
  • with tamper-proof adhesive seal
  • printable
  • 120/pack or 520/pack
  • Sigel EB213 / EB223
Sigel presented by Office One LLC