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edding 8180 Label Remover, 4mm Chisel Tip, Transparent

Remove labels and adhesive residue in a flash - with the edding 8180 label removal marker

It’s one of those minor, but still rather annoying, challenges that we all face in everyday life – removing sticky labels.

Help is at hand with edding’s practical label removal marker. It enables the precise removal of most paper labels and sticky residue in a matter of moments. Ideal for removing labels on shoes, glass or porcelain and stickers on windscreens.

So easy to use....
Shake the marker with the cap still on, remove the cap and place the nib on a suitable surface, carefully pump it up and down a few times until sufficient oil flows into the nib, then apply to the label or sticky residue you wish to remove. When the area is thoroughly soaked, leave it for a few minutes. The label or sticky residue can now be removed easily without leaving any traces. As you would expect from edding, the design of the marker means you can use it sparingly, accurately and without any drips. And that’s not all: the robust chisel tip of the marker is useful for scraping off the sticky residue.

Not only is the label removal marker incredibly practical, it’s also a winner when it comes to sustainability. The ingredients of the low-odour oil are based on natural, renewable raw materials, making the marker also suitable for more delicate materials, but we advise testing in an inconspicuous area beforehand.

  • Transparent, low-odour oil based on natural ingredients
  • Colour: transparent

Shake the label removal marker with the cap still on, remove the cap, place the nib on a suitable surface and carefully pump it up and down a few times until oil flows into the nib.

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