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edding 4095 Chalk Marker Set, 2-3mm Bullet Tip, 5/set

High quality writing on blackboards and glass - edding 4095 chalk marker

Chalk marker for non-permanent designing, decorating and writing on non-porous surfaces, e.g. windows, dark boards, glass and mirrors. The round nib has a stroke width of 2-3 mm. The opaque, water-based liquid chalk with a neutral smell can be wiped off virtually all non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth.

Opaque liquid chalk in a marker format. Easy handling - Unlike standard chalk, your hands will not get dirty. Produces a more professional and elegant script or drawing - better than any chalk. Cap can be stored on the end of the barrel to prevent risk of losing it. Foil seal ensures the product is unused when purchased. Broad colour assortment. High-quality brand product.

  • Chalk marker for writing and drawing on windows, dark / chalk boards, glass and mirrors
  • Bright colours, opaque and odourless water-based liquid chalk, wipes off virtually all non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth
  • Stroke width 2 - 3 mm
  • Bullet nib
  • 5/set - White, Neon Yelow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink
  • Made in Germany
    edding presented by Office One LLC