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Cassida UNO, Infrared Counterfeit Detector

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UNO series Counterfeit detector

  • Verification Type: Infrared
  • Control multiple currencies including AED, USD, EUR, etc. ​
  • Accurate and reliable bill detection, regardless of currency condition.
  • ​No limits in currencies detection with IR security marks.
  • ​​Verify several bills at once, thanks to a large built-in LCD monitor.
  • ​Easy to use: does not require any specific bill authentication knowledge by the user.
  • ​​Anti-glide, weighted steady the detector and keep it from falling.
  • ​​Fits anywhere, thanks to its space-saving, compact design.

The Cassida UNOuses powerful IR technology to authenticate infrared security features present on bills. Infrared marks are the most advanced security feature on currency. The special frequency infrared camera transmits the bill's infrared image to the large adjustable, built-in monitor, enabling instant verification.

Cassida presented by Office One LLC