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Cassida C550 Coin Counter

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Cassida C550 Coin Counter / Off-Sorter

  • A compact counting workhorse: counts up to 2,300 coins a minute!
  • Multiple mode options: Count,Off-sort, Add or set custom Batch amounts.​​
  • Special off-sorting option, which works on all modes, allows for a single denomination to be counter while sorting out others.
  • Count multiple coins as well as tokens, easily change coin measurement settings.
  • High-capacity hopper holds up to 11000 coins for fast, easy counting.

The Cassida C550 coin counter is a professional coin-processing machine intended for heavy-duty use. It provides precise and fast counting with operation speed up to 2,300 coins per minute. The Cassida C550 is extremely easy to use. Its features include simple
count mode, add and batch modes.

Showing the amount of coins by denomination, as well as, total sum
the Cassida C550 is able to satisfy all the coin processing requirements from the user.

The Cassida C550 is light-weight, compact and stylish unit which will fit in any of your business atmosphere.

Cassida presented by Office One LLC