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BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND SET, Set of 3, Blue/Green/Orange

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The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND resistance band is ideal for training smaller muscle chains. It helps to get better body statics and will reduce the risk of injuries.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable rubber bands – the new revolution is a skin-friendly fabric interwoven with latex-free natural rubber.
The BAND offers all the advantages of a truly versatile, flexible training device for strength, power and mobility.

The resistance loop bands are the perfect companion for workouts without a gym membership. Get a full body workout and boost your fitness level. Whether you are focussing on yoga poses or strength training, the band are perfect for both types of exercises.

  • available as set 3 bands
  • more durable and less likely to snap than common rubber bands
  • unique, patented skin friendly textiles employed
  • size 32 x 6 cm
  • including manual
  • Set of 3, Blue-Green-Orange

BLACKROLL® designs and produces high-quality therapeutic, sports and healthcare tools which can be easily integrated into everyday life. From myofascial self-massage to functional training, BLACKROLL® is convinced that targeted training in combination with recovery will sustainably improve performance as well as prevent injury and pain.

BLACKROLL® offers SOLUTIONS with focus on medical prevention, pain treatment, education and spreading knowledge about fascia training – not only sports equipment.

For more information please visit WWW.BLACKROLL.COM

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