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BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD, active board for standing desk, Black/Black

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The BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD increase your health and fitness while you are standing on your workstation. Because of the structure the SMOOVE BOARD reduces your signs of fatigue and increases your concentration.

Prolonged sitting has been called “the new smoking”. The longer you sit, the worse your posture gets. This can cause back pain, muscle tension, headache and lowers your energy and productivity.

A healthy combination of sitting and active standing during your workday. The SMART MOVE BOARD is particularly designed to stand more comfortably while stimulating your body to move at your desk. Bonus: it also comes with a pleasant massage roller and ball for your feet! The board improves your posture by strengthening your muscles. You'll be amazed how good you feel after an active day at work!

The ergonomic surface - is structured to stimulate your feet. It is soft to relieve pressure on body and joints, encourages micro-movements. Can be used barefoot, with socks or shoes.

The Ridges - the smaller ridges activate your soles and the larger ridge helps with stretching your calves. The slot allows to play with your big toe and strengthen your sole and you can use a variety of standing positions.

Integrated special tools BLACKROLL® Mini Roll, Ball and Twister - the tools are perfect for a foot massage and deep stimulation of targeted points. They keep your plantar fascia supple and healthy and encourage active standing.

The unique material is comfortable, light, pressure-relieving and highly elastic. Made for prolonged standing and reduces fatigue in your legs and feet

The Benefits are

  • feel energized
  • be healthier
  • boost your cardiovascular system
  • relieve your spine
  • concentrate better
  • burn more calories during the day


1x BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD 44 x 43 x 5.5cm
1x BLACKROLL® MINI foam roll
1x BLACKROLL® BALL08 foam ball

Color Black
Blackroll A001819
Made in Germany

BLACKROLL® designs and produces high-quality therapeutic, sports and healthcare tools which can be easily integrated into everyday life. From myofascial self-massage to functional training, BLACKROLL® is convinced that targeted training in combination with recovery will sustainably improve performance as well as prevent injury and pain.

BLACKROLL® offers SOLUTIONS with focus on medical prevention, pain treatment, education and spreading knowledge about fascia training – not only sports equipment.

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