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BLACKROLL® OFFICE BOX training and wellbeing, Set of 5

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The BLACKROLL® OFFICE BOX contains the most important BLACKROLL® foam roller products, which help boost performance in everyday working life without a great deal of effort, and also increase well-being. No matter your profession, do something good for yourself and avoid common pain such as mouse arm, back pain, or neck tension, easily and right in the workplace.

The BLACKROLL® products in the BLACKROLL® OFFICE BOX are light and practical. They are perfect for everyday work life, because you can use them right at your desk. The exercises require little space and no sportswear. BLACKROLL® motivates you to leave your usual seated position for short breaks. Don’t worry, the exercises won’t make you break into a sweat. Just the opposite: They should be done slowly and in a controlled manner. This slows down breathing, steadies your pulse and the whole body relaxes.


1x BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roll – black
1x BLACKROLL® MINI foam roll – black
1x BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 foam roll – black
1x OFFICE Booklet

Blackroll A000582
Made in Germany/China

BLACKROLL® designs and produces high-quality therapeutic, sports and healthcare tools which can be easily integrated into everyday life. From myofascial self-massage to functional training, BLACKROLL® is convinced that targeted training in combination with recovery will sustainably improve performance as well as prevent injury and pain.

BLACKROLL® offers SOLUTIONS with focus on medical prevention, pain treatment, education and spreading knowledge about fascia training – not only sports equipment.

For more information please visit WWW.BLACKROLL.COM

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