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NES VERTEBRA Square Wire Management System, 75x780mm, Silver

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NES BueroTechnik – VERTEBRA Square

The Cable - Vertebra, by NES BueroTechnik. 780mm in length, multiple channel system, data power separation with a weight supported base, solves the wiring chaos underneath workspaces. Black, Silver, White colors are the preferred Designer's choice.

The NES Cable Ducting System stands for separate power and data security distribution in one system. Installed in minutes, the NES Vertebra Square enhances the cable situation. significantly.

Installation Areas:

  • Motorized Office Desks
  • Student Desks
  • Hotel Guest Rooms
  • Airport waiting areas
  • Office Desk
  • Sit and stand Desks
  • Separated channels for Data and Power Cables
  • Design and Style to cover non aesthetic cables
  • Solves the wiring chaos underneath workspaces
  • The Cable Guidance System is available in

  • Dimensions: 75 x 780mm
  • Silver
NES Bürotechnik presented by Office One LLC