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Plan, file and archive for a successful 2022!

February 01, 2022 1 min read

Plan, file and archive for a successful 2022!

Archiving: Why is it so important?

Archiving last year’s documents reduces clutter in your offices by organizing files from across your business. When you store archived files offsite, it reduces the risk that you’ll lose sensitive information. You’ll always know which documents to keep close at hand, which ones to put into storage and which ones to destroy.
159.- AED
Wall Planner Sasco 2021 Board Mounted

Organize holidays, meetings and events - in the office or at home. Included is a kit with colored shape sticker, a wipe off pen with clip and a practical "today-sticker".
82.- AED
Durable Letter Sorter A-Z/ 1-31

Our Durable letter sorter allows you to sort in comfort while sitting. It comes with suspension holes and in a compact size no wider than an open A4 file. 
from 43.- AED
Filing Books

Filing books help you to keep loose paperwork neatly categorized by using numbers or an A-Z organiser to sort all your papers alphabetically.
from 59.- AED
Really Useful Boxes

Sort your documents in sturdy A4 or FS box files or hanging files and keep them dust-free in our Really Useful Boxes. Available in 9l, 10l, 24l, 35l, 48l and 64 l.