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Make room for 2020!

January 09, 2020 1 min read

Make room for 2020!

Plan, file and archive for a successful 2020!


159.- AED
Wall Planner Sasco 2020 Board Mounted

Organize holidays, meetings and events - in the office or at home. Included is a kit with colored shape sticker, a wipe off pen with clip and a practical "today-sticker".





from 362.- AED
Sigel Magnetic Glass Boards

Plan effectively: Use your Magnetic Glass Boards by Sigel to write on or to attach notes. Available in many different sizes and styles.




82.- AED
Durable Letter Sorter A-Z/ 1-31

Our Durable letter sorter allows you to sort in comfort while sitting. It comes with suspension holes and in a compact size no wider than an open A4 file. 





from 43.- AED
Pagna Filing Books

Filing books help you to keep loose paperwork neatly categorized by using numbers or an A-Z organizer to sort papers alphabetically.





from 398.- AED
styro styroval PRO

This document solutions by styro provide you with 6 or 12 compartments either open or closed. W 723 x H 292 x D 330. Also available in white. 




524.- AED
Filing system styro DOC base unit

This paper and document solution by styro provides you with 12 compartments. Use it as a free-standing unit on a desk, shelves or in cupboards. W 723 x H 292 x D 330.





from 62.- AED
Really Useful Boxes

Sort your documents in sturdy A4 or FS box files or hanging files and keep them dust-free in our Really Useful Boxes. Available in 9l, 35l, 48l and 64 l.




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