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Keep your office clean and safe

March 19, 2020 1 min read

Keep your office clean and safe

Everything you need for a perfectly sanitized office 



Superclean Wipes for plastic surfaces

100 moist pre-saturated cleaning wipes in a dispenser tub. Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces such as keyboards, computer housings, printers and other office equipment. Antistatic and biodegradable.




Smart Tab Cleaning Wipes 

This wipes have been specially created for cleaning smart phones, tablets, laptop screens and navigational devices. Individually packed, lint-free wipes, pre-moistened with alcohol free cleaning fluid.





Screenclean 50  

Individually packed, moist low-lint wipes pre-saturated with alcohol free cleaning fluid. For streak-free cleaning of monitor screens, screen filters or glass surfaces on scanners and photocopiers.





Screenclean Fluid Pump Spray 

Alcohol-free Pump Spray for gentle and streak-free cleaning of monitor screens, screen filters, laptop screens and glass surfaces. Use with dry & clean cloths or cotton buds for best results. 250 ml.





Screenclean Screen Cleaning Wipes 

These moist screen-cleaning wipes ensure streak-free cleaning of monitors, laptops and TV screens, as well as glass surfaces on photocopiers and scanners. Dispenser tub with 100 wipes.



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Stay-at-home-crisis? We deliver!

As schools are closed and we are all forced to stay at home you might ask yourself how to keep the little ones busy. Here is the solution: Get plenty of paper, glue, coloring pens and other fun stuff to convert your home into an art studio. Order everything you need online and we deliver right to your doorstep.