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Sigel EYESTYLE Hole Puncher, Anthracite

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eyestyle® -Dark grey, glossy eyestyle hole punch in a simple, understated design. Clean, precise punching of up to 10 sheets of A4, A5 or A6 paper as marked on the paper guide. The "888" setting allows four holes to be punched. Thanks to its rounded shape, it is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Made of a combination of coated dark grey acrylic and black ABS plastic with some metal components. With stop bar for A4, A5, A6, 888

  • punches up to 10 sheets
  • 13,7 x 6,6 x 7 cm
  • comfortable handling due to soft, round shape
  • stylish combination of acrylic and plastic
  • glossy, reflecting surface
  • Anthracite
  • Sigel SA163


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