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Caran d Ache

SKU: 9075

CARAN d'ACHE Ecridor 'LIGNES URBAINES' Ballpoint Pen, 0.25mm, Gold-Plated

Height and magnitude. Directly inspired by the skyscraper skyline, the Ecridor 'Lignes Urbaines' transports you to the heart of the city. Symbolising architectural lines, its guilloche produces a gripping perspective effect. It reflects architectural innovation along its entire gilt-finished body. The Ecridor 'Lignes Urbaines' ballpoint pen delivers up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to the acclaimed Goliath cartridge.

  • Fitted with medium black Goliath Cartridge, 0.25 mm
  • Archival safe conforms to ISO 12757-1-2 standards - water-proof, fade-resistant, tamper-proof
  • Push button
  • Gold-Plated
  • Lifetime international guarantee
  • Made in Switzerland
Caran d Ache presented by Office One LLC