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BLACKROLL® Recovery PILLOW with pillowcase and travel bag, 49 x 28 x 11 cm, Grey

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Sleep is the core of recovery in sport and everyday life. Both competitive athletes and people who want to be successful at work and in everyday life benefit from better sleep. The RECOVERY PILLOW improves sleep through its ergonomic and active breathing properties, but is also part of your sleep routine, reminding you to consciously deal with sleep. The pillow can be the starting point of a lifestyle change where you begin to perform conscious routines before sleeping and sleep better and healthier.

  • for at home and on the go – Roll it up and take the comfort of your own pillow where ever you go for optimum recovery every night
  • promotes healthy sleep and sleep routines
  • ergonomic neck bow and head moulding
  • two sides for four sleeping positions
  • practicable, comfortable, light weight and hygienic
  • pillowcase and travel bag washable up to 40°C
  • Made in Germany - according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

The BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is extremely small and handy, just 49 x 28 centimetres. Due to its dimensions and the fact that you can roll up the pillow in a few easy steps, you always have your personal relaxation and recovery tool with you. Especially when traveling, so you sleep better in unfamiliar beds and feel at home. Consistent sleeping conditions and sleep routines ensure a healthy sleep, so you are awake, rested and energetic in the morning.

Since the pillow can be rolled up to save space, it fits into any travel bag. The elastic, breathable high-tech memory foam ensures that the pillow retains its original shape every time you unroll it. Thanks to the dirt-repellent carrying bag, the pillow remains hygienically clean, and you can wash the carrying bag and the pillow case at 40 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to its elastic material, the BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW can be optimally adapted to your natural sleeping position and thus prevents tension in the neck and shoulders. Whether on your back, stomach, or side: thanks to its differently shaped sides and the differences in height, the pillow allows four different sleeping positions, supporting the head and neck and protecting the muscular and fascial structures.

The ergonomic neck curve and head recess are particularly suitable for back sleepers because the head sinks gently and the neck is supported. Side sleepers can use the more arched and somewhat firmer part of the pillow, while the back of the pillow is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach.


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Blackroll A001168
Made in Germany

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