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Sigel Desktop Planner CONCEPTUM 2024, hardcover, 300 x 143 x 18mm, Black

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Discover the luxury edition among the desktop planners and organise with confidence!

The pages are divided into hourly appointment slots, with additional note pages to allow precise scheduling in this long landscape format (30 x 14,3 cm) weekly planner. The surface of this business calendar feels pleasant to the touch thanks to its rippled structure. The classy, chamois-coloured paper is easy on the eye - a good thing, since the designer desktop planner will be in your line of vision throughout the day. The metal eyelet binding allows the planner to stand upright or lie flat on your desk. The additional information section turns this office planner into your personal assistant. Organise your appointments and notes with the stylish stickers included.

Top quality and superb design - you will simply love this planner!

  • Classy and elegant Desk Calendar
  • Monthly Planner
  • Calendar: 2 pages = the week at the bottom and the notes at the top
  • Pages are divided into hourly appointment slots
  • 132 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 80gsm and PEFC-certified
  • High-quality metal eyelet binding: easy to fold back the pages, with a practical free-standing feature
  • landscape format
  • 30 x 14.3 cm
  • Black
  • Sigel C2480
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