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Durable Tablet Holder XL with TABLE stand

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The premium-quality desk mount is suitable for the professional use of tablets in sales and logistics. Tablets with a protective cover can be inserted into the variable and 23 mm deep holder so that sensitive tablet PCs can be used safely in any environment. With the fine surfaces and impressive stability, the TABLET HOLDER TABLE XL is ideal for industrial applications.

  • Variable fit for all tablet sizes from 7" to 13"
  • With rubberized surfaces for gentle clamping of the tablet
  • Symmetrical opening of the holder from 160 to 275 mm
  • 23 mm deep module for tablets with case (can also be used without case)
  • Easy insertion and removal of the tablet
  • Rotatable: 360° for portrait and landscape format, with snap-in points at every 90°
  • Cable management: Aperture in the holder serves as charging cable outlet for the tablet
  • Flexible tilt angle adjustment of the arm: 0° to 88°
  • Materials: Sheet steel, aluminium, ABS
  • Dimensions: 155 x 242 x 183 mm (W x H x D)
  • Durable 8937-23
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