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Nobo T-Cards Size 2, 48 x 85 mm, 100/pack, various colors

Light Blue

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Start using the ingenious T-Card system to plan and track your large projects. The Nobo T-Card Size 2 white, pack of 100 are supplied in a clever folding package that stores on your T Card Planner for easy access, as and when you need to use a new card.

Simply write a name, topic or project task on the top tab of a T-Card and add further information on the rest of the card. Then slot it into the custom made panel on the T Card Planner to create an at-a-glance index, filing and planning system.

These 2002002 white cards are sized 48 x 85mm and can be used with other colours in the range to colour code your projects and resources. Providing excellent versatility, T-Cards make it easy for you and your team to gain a quick overview of your current projects.

  • Size 2 - 48 x 85mm
  • 100/pack

Available Colors

  • nobo 2002002 White
  • nobo 2002010 Grey
  • nobo 2002005 Green
  • nobo 2002006 Light Blue
  • nobo 2002004 Yellow
  • nobo 2002003 Red
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